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Remote Technician

Want SomeOne To Remotely Set Your Email  Up?

This is an external paid service available for just £19.95.

A professional technician remotely logs into your computer and sets it all up for you.

This takes roughly 20 minutes once a time has been scheduled in

Operational hours are: 9am – 10 pm GMT

Setup Email on your computer

Email Clients on Windows / Mac...
Email Clients on your PC / Mac (Outlook, Eudora, Mac Mail...
(Setting up your new email on your computer)

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Email Settings

Standard Email Settings

Email On Your Phone

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Accessing Webmail

Accessing Webmail

Webmail Help / Tricks

How do I access my email account? How do I access webmail via a mobile device? Changing passwords / email forwarding and more

Changing Your Password

Change your webmail password

Sick of Spam?

Mailwasher will stop Spam getting to your mail box.

Click here for more details

Your account will closed without warning and you will be subject to damages if:

1. you spam people

2. send out bulk emails (ie an email with 200+ addresses attached to it)

3. you send out unsolicited email